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About Us
The dawn of the 21st Century- and the era of new business opportunities-is at hand. The world today is looking to Information Technology (IT) and the pivotal role that it will play in the future. An important aspect of the Information Age is its complete dependence on a single factor: the human mind. Over the last decade, Pakistan too is making its contribution to this revolution. In fact, it is one of the few countries that is making rapid strides into software and web development through this revolution. Computer education is giving from school level, to kids, to develop their logics and problem solving capabilities. This is where The Fourth R comes in. A US based, leader in computer training and now in SW development.

The Fourth R, established in 1991, assists partners in building and maintaining successful computer training and certification programs from Pre-Nursery to Grade 8 and then till O’ and A’ Levels. The Fourth R systems and resources offer proven methods and solutions to help partners succeed not only in today’s marketplace, but also in the technology driven marketplace of tomorrow. Our main mode of marketing is our customer referrals and thus we understand the importance of keeping them satisfied. The Fourth R, with over 600 centers in 44 countries, is one of the fastest growing companies.

Our goal is to politely facilitate and guide candidates through the information exchange process.  The goal of the exchange process is to help both of us determine if we have a match.  We know that each potential partner progresses at their own pace through the information exchange and evaluation process. But at the same time, we expect serious candidates to keep us informed of their interest level and progress.

Once you have reviewed the information provided, we expect you will contact us with a list of questions and ideas you would like to explore further.  This is also a good time to request a standard agreement to review.  In any case, we encourage you to start gathering more information on your local market and reflect on your goals and interests.

  • How will you fund the initial start-up and working capital requirements of the 1st year?
  • What role will you play? What type of personnel will you need to hire?
  • Who do you know that can help you get started with the business?
  • Where might you locate the business?
  • When is the best time for you to get started

You can send us your area of interest by filling out our Contact Us form.


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