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Certified Instructors
Authorized Instructors are the teachers that have been evaluated by The Fourth R and given the Certificate of being Authorized Instructors. They can get any kind of information from TFR, no matter where they are in the world. It is quite beneficial to the teachers as once they are authorized they can use/share all the technical materials of The Fourth R to increase their knowledge about the current/upcoming technologies.

  • Ms. Farha (Indus Academy)
  • Ms. Sadaf (U.A.E.)
  • Ms. Sumaira Rasheed (Karachi)
  • Ms. Nida Afraz (AES School for Girls)
  • Ms. Zunaira Sami (Karachi)
  • Ms. Sabeen (Karachi)
  • Ms. Syeda Marium Younus (AES School for Girls)
  • Ms. Shazia Anjum (Karachi)
  • Mr. Adil Rasheed (Civilizations Public School)
  • Ms. Asma (Karachi)
  • Mr. Muhammad Waqar Khan (Karachi)
  • Mr. Tahseen (Karachi)
  • Ms. Raheela (Lahore)
  • Mr. Fahim Hussain (International Islamic School-Lahore)
  • Ms. Saba Hanif (International Islamic School-Lahore)
  • Ms. Sameera Yaqoob (Lahore)
  • Ms. Rizwana (EPIC Lahore)
  • Mr. M. Shoaib Sarwar (Lahore)
  • Mr. Aamir Latif (Learning Alliance-Lahore)
  • Ms. Tayyaba Shoukat (Learning Alliance-Lahore)
  • Ms. Sana Shafi (Learning Alliance-Lahore)
  • Mr. Zeeshan Ali (Computer Coordinator Salamat School Systems Junior Wing-Lahore)
  • Ms. Sarah Naeem (Computer Coordinator Salamat School Systems-ICAS Boys-Lahore)
  • Ms. Sadaf Hina (Computer Coordinator-Salamat School System-ICAS Girls Lahore)
  • Ms. Maria Hassan (Salamat School System-JK-Lahore)
  • Ms. Mahira Nasir (Reflection Personalized Education-Karachi)
  • Ms. Bisma Chaudry (Haque Academy-Karachi)
  • Ms. Kaukab Zaidi (Karachi)
  • Ms. Nida Khan (Lahore)
  • Ms. Riffat Idress (Lahore)
  • Ms. Rabia Syed (ICAS Boys-Lahore)
  • Ms. Shazia Latif (Lahore)
  • Ms. Mehwish Pervez (Karachi)
  • Ms. Maha Bolbolan (C.A.S. School-Karachi)
  • Ms. Maneha Ansar (Computer Coordinator Indus Academy)
  • Mr.Asif (Indus Academy-Karachi)
  • Ms. Humaira (KN Academy Malir Location)
  • Mr. Naveed Anjum (Clifton Grammar School)
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