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Frequently Asked Questions
These are the frequently asked questions from The Fourth R. We have divided them according to different categories to make it easier for you to search for your particular query.

  • School FAQs
  • Corporate FAQs

  • School FAQs:

    1- Does The Fourth R (TFR) provide their own curriculum or just uses school's existing one?

    TFR is US based International franchise and it provides internationally recognized computer curriculum that is developed by highly qualified international team of IT instructors and child learning specialists which is further endorsed and licensed by vendors such as Microsoft etc. This curriculum is updated regularly to keep pace with technology and learning. TFR does not use market text books.

    2- Does TFR provide trainers or uses current school IT teachers?

    TFR trains your IT teachers so they utilize our program and non IT teachers so they use IT in daily routine sessions for projects, result sheets, online search etc.... Further, we also recommend new and good computer teacher by taking initial interview on behalf of school or forward resumes to school from our resume bank.

    3- What extra services does TFR provide?

    We provide numerous extra services such as proven and tested software that save time and increase teacher's efficiency.  Examples of these SW’s are offline browsing, CD emulator, quiz software, recovery software and some others. TFR also provides hardware recommendations and regular PC's checkups. TFR can provide complete lab solution and maintenance on contract. Web development and consultancy service is also available.

    4- What are TFR charges?

    TFR charges on per month per student basis. This charge varies from RS 50 to RS 100 based on the number of students. Thus for an exact quotation TFR experts need to discuss the project and its scope with school management.

    5- Does TFR have programs for kids?

    TFR is famous in more than 20+ countries because of their children program. The Fourth R develops teacher's manuals, student workbooks; exercise files and integrate best award winning software for better exercises and activities. The Fourth R develops programs for different age groups like 4 to 6, then 7 to 9 and 10 onwards.

    6- How many TFR partners in Pakistan?

    We have around 25+ schools partners in Pakistan and 1800+ in world wide.

    7- What is the next step after implementation?

    After implementation TFR rep visits on monthly basis to school and monitors classes for effectiveness and timeliness and discusses situation of classes with teachers providing verbal and written report to school management. Frequency of visits can be increased on school demand during difficult times.

    8- Any support for non IT staff?

    Yes, TFR also provides support and services to non IT staff. TFR provides basic and advance level computer training to them so they start using computer as an educational tool. After these training programs most teachers start using technology within their classes and design assignments with technology in mind. Projects in say power point or excel on topics such as weather, air traffic etc enhances creativity and learning.

    9- Are there any services for ADMIN or other staff?

    TFR believes in a total technology solution for the school. Thus it provides training and technical support to administration staff.  TFR shares technical experience with them and encourages them in the use of computer as an efficient tool. They are also encouraged in the use of firewalls, recovery programs, network and sharing concepts and backup system. Advance practical oriented training of MS project, MS excel and many other levels of different software is also available on request.

    10- What are the steps after signing contract with the TFR ?

    After signing contract with school management TFR discusses current curriculum with computer teachers and coordinator. TFR then provides licensed program outlines and details to school staff. After allowing study time of these outlines and consideration of various possible options the “course mapping’ is finalized according to grades and number of hours per term and sessions. Next step is to print and handover manuals (with proper weekly mapping) to school staff and software copies. Training is provided to IT teachers according to mapping and monitoring begins initially at once a week and when matters are smooth to once a month.

    11- Do the students need to buy books or material?

    No , TFR only provides teacher's manuals which are based on total hands-on practice so students develop their practical skills.  However, teacher's can hand out copies of very important pages and distribute it in students for their reference.

    12- Does TFR offer any program for senior section?

    TFR has many certified programs for senior classes, like Microsoft approved course program, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Freehand, Firework, Flash, Adobe Illustrator, 3D studio Max, Linux, CIW Foundation, CIW Site Designing, CIW E-commerce, VB for Kids, C programming and etc.

    13- Does TFR provide any hardware support or maintenance support?

    Yes, TFR can provide qualified hardware support and maintenance as part of an additional contract.

    14- Does TFR have any non technical training program for IT and NON IT teachers?

    Other than TFR curriculum it also has licensed program for teacher's training. This “Train the Trainer” program improves the soft teaching skills of IT teachers enabling them to be better educators.

    15- Does TFR provide any certificates to teachers and students?

    Yes, TFR provides licensed certificate to each and every student after year end and also gives certificate to teachers and the school. The certificates contain the signatures of TFR president based in USA, TFR Pakistan Master Licensee and the teacher. These certificates are recognized in more that 20+ countries enabling better job and/or education prospects.

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    Corporate FAQs:

    1- What types of computer training are available at The Fourth R?

    There are many different types of computer training available, from introductory courses to certification training in computer science and technology. Some courses are geared towards a specific software package or technologies, others are geared towards teaching students a broad area of technology. We offer courses for children, computer beginning adults, young adults who wants to make a computer career,executives and corporations.

    2- How long are computer training courses?

    There are many different types of computer training courses available, from single day introductory courses to one year programs for major certification courses. You can typically find shorter courses geared towards teaching specific software packages, longer courses geared towards teaching a specific area of technology (often ending with a certification).

    3- Will I make more money/find a better job if I take a computer training course?

    That depends on the course you take and the job you do (or want to do). Many people take a computer training course to learn a new technology or software package that is hot in the job market. Also, many people that are already in the computer industry will pursue certification in technologies to increase their value to employers. There is a severe lack of qualified technical people to fill high-tech jobs in nearly every major city in the Pakistan today, so computer training can be a great way to jump start a better career.

    4- What is computer certification and is it worth it?

    You earn a certification after completing a specific course of study and then passing a test to prove you have achieved a certain level of expertise with the technology. The manufacturer of the technology you are getting certified in often creates these classes and tests. Many companies look for people certified in the technologies they are using because it's a reassurance to the company that the person really knows what they say they know (since it's been verified by the technologies creator). Thus, certification is a good way to get into a new technology or increase your value with the technologies you are currently using.

    5- What are the advantages of instructor led training?

    The main advantage of instructor led training is that the student gets to interact with the instructor, ask questions, and ask for further explanation when things are not clear. Classes also offer a more structured environment; they meet on a certain schedule with assignments due each class. Many people find it easier to learn new technologies in this type of environment compared to trying to learn them themselves.

    Another big advantage of instructor led training is the opportunity to interact with other students that are in the same position you are. Many students say they learned as much from interacting and working with the other students in the class as they did from the instructor (it's also a great place to network).

    6- What should I look for when choosing a computer training school?

    First, look for a school that specializes in the technology you want to learn (schools may specialize in many areas, but be weary of the school that offers nothing but programming classes and then one class on Photoshop). Other things to look for include: ∑

    • Class Size - The smaller the more individual attention the instructor can give each student.
    • Training Facilities - Does each student get their own computer? Are the facilities up to date and conducive to learning?
    • Scheduling - Do they offer classes convenient to you? At night? Intensives (if you want to move fast)?
    • Certification - Can you earn a certification after completing the course?
    • Is the school certified - Many companies, like Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, will certify schools as experts at teaching their technologies. This is a reassurance to the student that the school knows what they are teaching.
    • Costs and Financial Aid - How much will the course cost and do they offer financial aid?
    • Location - Of course, it needs to convenient to get to.

    7- I'm just a beginner, can computer training help me?

    Many schools offer short programs to help beginners get comfortable with basic computer skills: Windows, Mac, the Web, Email, and many other areas. Having a sympathetic instructor (and other students in the same position as you) around as you first try to get familiar with these technologies can be a huge help.

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