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  • IC3
  • Microsoft Office
  • ICDL
  • CompTIA
  • CIW

  • Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) Approved Courseware
    The IC3 provides a strong and dynamic standard on which to base educational programs for broad-based Internet and computing skills. IC3 provides students with the foundation needed to succeed not only in school, but also in any field or job position requiring the use of computers. There are three course modules:

    • Computing Fundamentals
    • Key Applications Parts 1, 2, & 3
    • Living Online
    The Fourth R strategic relationships and affiliations with leading organizations in the computer education and technology sector help position you as a market leader.

    Microsoft Office Approved Courseware

    The Microsoft Office Suite is the dominant leader in the desktop application market. Training products that are approved by Microsoft are referred to as Microsoft Approved Courseware. The use of the Microsoft Approved Courseware logo is granted only to courseware that has passed rigorous Microsoft quality standards.

    • Microsoft Word Part 1 Introduction
    • Microsoft Word Part 2 Intermediate
    • Microsoft Word Part 3 Advanced
    • Microsoft Word Part 4 Macros
    • Microsoft Excel Part 1 Introduction
    • Microsoft Excel Part 2 Intermediate
    • Microsoft Excel Part 3 Advanced
    • Microsoft Excel Part 4 Macros
    • Microsoft Access Part 1 Introduction
    • Microsoft Access Part 2 Intermediate
    • Microsoft Access Part 3 Advanced
    • Microsoft PowerPoint Part 1 Introduction
    • Microsoft PowerPoint Part 2 Intermediate
    • Microsoft PowerPoint Part 3 Advanced
    • Microsoft Outlook Part 1 Introduction
    • Microsoft Outlook Part 2 Advanced
    • Microsoft FrontPage Part 1 Introduction
    • Microsoft FrontPage Part 2 Advanced
    • Microsoft Project Part 1 Introduction
    • Microsoft Project Part 2 Advanced

    European/ International Computer Driving Licence (ECDL/ ICDL)


    The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) certifies that a person has a good grasp of basic Information Technology (IT) skills and concepts. The ICDL program’s objective is to improve basic competence in the use of personal computers and computer applications, to increase productivity of all who use computers in their work, enable better returns on investments from Information Technology, and to provide a basic qualification which will allow all, regardless of background, to be part of the Information Society.

    The European Computer Driving License Foundation (ECDL-F) oversees the ECDL/ ICDL certification process, promotes and co-ordinates the development of the ECDL/  ICDL concepts.

    What is Comptia

    In 2007, CompTIA is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Just as the information technology (IT) industry it serves has grown, CompTIA has also enjoyed remarkable growth over the past 25 years. The organization was founded by representatives of five micro-computer dealerships working together to find better ways to do business. Today, CompTIA has more than 22,000 member companies in over 100 countries around the world; and serves as the voice of the world’s $1 trillion-plus IT industry. CompTIA is committed to advancing the long-term success and growth of the IT industry by helping organizations maximize the benefits they receive from their investments in technology; and by helping individuals to obtain the skills and credentials they need for productive careers in IT. For more information, please visit:

    Mission Statement: Advancing Industry Growth
    CompTIA is the leading association representing the international technology community. Its goal is to provide a unified voice, global advocacy and leadership, and to advance industry growth through standards, professional competence, education and business solutions. In order to most efficiently serve the industry and its members, CompTIA has developed specialized initiatives and programs dedicated to major areas within the IT industry. They include, convergence technology, e-commerce, IT training, software services, certification, public policy and workforce development. Find out more about CompTIA initiatives.

    What is CIW

    CIW is the preferred choice for aspiring and advanced Web professionals to prove their knowledge of Web-related skills such as XHTML design, project management, Web design and more. A CIW certification can give you an advantage when looking for that next promotion or job by proving that you have the skills necessary to get the job done. Detail on:



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