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Other Solutions
We, at The Fourth R, not only provide curriculum material to our schools and corporate clients, but we also provide other services. For example we have a Hardware Solution team, to take care of all the hardware in schools and other organizations.

We also have a Software Solution team, to take care of all the software around the company.

We also help the School Computer Society in arranging different events, like quiz competitions, typing competitions, computer fair, and newsletters.

We also have started ICT Integration in many of the schools associated with us.

Lastly we are working on scholarship program for deserving students, in regards to financial help.

  • ICT Integration
  • School Society
  • Hardware Solution
  • Scholarships

  • ICT Integration
    The Fourth R is an IT based organization which is also member of IFA, founded in USA, and is working for the promotion, betterment and development of IT in Pakistan. Its basic purpose is to enlighten the upcoming generation about the knowledge, the use and the advantages of Information Technology. This organization looks to bring Pakistan on a level where the leading countries of the world are. And in order to do that, it needs the support of the leading educational institutes of our country as well.

    The Fourth R has now launched its new program in the form of ICT INTEGRATION in order to bring the educational level in Pakistan to a higher level. The purpose of ICT Integration is, primarily, to make sophisticated learning, for the young generation, more simple and understandable.

    It provides a much more clear and insightful scope towards learning. The students are sure to have a lot of fun while learning with the help of ICT Integration and will surely be able to achieve their objective in a given curriculum. This new step ahead does not only enhance the computer skills of the learner but it also makes difficult subjects like Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies a whole lot easier.

    Now, the question that arises is that how can ICT Integration achieve all this and so much more by simply programming it into the computer?

    The simple answer to this is that it explains every single learning curve via visualization. During visualization, the learner does not only learn theories but also observes them being done in practice. This shows him how a task is performed in real life, thereby, making learning considerably simple. It also helps the teachers put in lesser effort in covering the syllabi, since the quicker the children grasp concepts, the quicker a given syllabus is covered.

    ICT Integration will not only help the children but also give teachers, of different subjects, a chance to learn the basic rules of computers, and will help the computer teacher learn about other subjects even in their professional life.

    School Society
    School Society is a team of students and a couple of teachers who, together, help promote computers in school. To do that, arrangments are made for quizzes, computer fairs, competitions, newsletters, etc. amongst the students in schools as well as inter-schools.

    Hardware Solutions

    You will agree that a trouble free and efficiently working Computer Lab is essential for the quality of your Computer/IT education. Furthermore your expensive equipment needs to be taken care of so that you minimize on repair cost and increase your Return on Investment by extending equipment life.

    Our Services/Expertise
    Our hardware team can handle your computer lab affectively with full command of Lab maintenance including network, hardware & software troubleshooting & installation. We can advise you which technology can meet your needs. If you want to no tension from your computer lab & equipment then we can take it all for you. We are well equipped to deliver on time, in cost and to your satisfaction.

    Computer Lab Maintenance, Software Installation, Hardware & Network Trouble Shooting, Computer User Training, Weekly Lab check up, Free Consultancy

    Our hardware solution team has expertise in the following areas:

    • Regular visits
    • Detail diagnostic reports
    • Hardware troubleshooting
    • Software troubleshooting
    • Network troubleshooting
    • Sound solution
    • Video Solution (projector based)
    • Remote PC sharing
    • Computer lab analyze
    • Computer diagnostic
    • Operating system ( repair & upgradation)
    • Hardware (common essential devices)
      • Printers
      • LAN card
      • Projector
      • CD/DVD/Writer/Floppy drive/USB storge
      • Speakers/head phones
      • Scanner
      • Digital camera
      • Modem
      • All common/uncommon additional devices
    • Hard disk performance
    • Software performance
      • Anti Virus
      • Microsoft Office
      • Kids software (for The Fourth R Partners)
      • CD Emulator
      • Data Backup solution
      • Data Recovery solution
      • Netmeeting, remote video sharing/ data sharing
      • Valuable consultancy
      • Security software (to protect your system from harmful viruses & warms)

    Why choose The Fourth R

    • We can say We are school experts!
    • Best lab maintenance solution
    • Best effective and reasonable cost
    • Best on time
    • Best Technology
    • Best consultancy

    Hardware Solution Packages

    •   Plan A ( Customized Plan for Corporate Partners)
    •   Plan B ( Customized Plan for Non TFR School Partners)
    •   Plan C (07-To-17 computer Lab):
      • Concept is to make computer Lab effective and in running condition
      • The Fourth R hardware division diagnose , Install and up grade your computers
      • Weekly check up visits
      • Weekly virus check up
      • Monthly disk defragmenter & disk cleanup
      • Monthly data back up
      • Weekly report to the IT Manager
      • Two FREE visits on request
      • FREE workshop (Whenever The Fourth R conduct a workshop related to hardware, our partners will be able to avail this this opportunity for FREE).
      • FREE lab wizard training for two users (if required)
      • FREE consultancy & updates

    Scholarship program (in process)


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