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Introducing The Fourth R
Computers have changed virtually all aspects of our lives. As we move rapidly from an industrial to information economy, computer literacy is the "FOURTH R" in education.
  • Businesses realize the importance of computer training to increase productivity, reduce costs and stay competitive.
  • Individuals recognize that computer skills create income growth and job opportunities.
  • Countries view the development of a highly skilled workforce as key to their future.
  • Schools realize the importance of computer training to increase staff productivity and to integrate the use of technology throughout the instructional process.
  • Today’s youth need a strong foundation of computer skills to succeed in school.
The Fourth R, established in 1991, is an internationally recognized leader in computer education. The excellence of our programs has fueled growth to over 150 affiliates in over 20 countries. The Fourth R provides systems, resources, relationships and support to successfully implement computer education programs. These systems and resources offer proven methods and solutions to help partners succeed.

Computer know-how transforms all this metal, glass and plastic into the most powerful tool there is for business, professional and personal growth.

Robert McCauley
The Fourth R Inc

Retail Learning Center
The Fourth R retail learning center may cater to the needs of children, corporate customers, or consumer adults. Each of these market segments offers high growth opportunities for the Fourth R partner.

The initial licensing fee includes extensive personal training, access to confidential electronic files and data (i.e. template files and courseware), start-up promotional materials and related support.

A typical retail learning center is a facility of 1,000-2,000 square feet (100-200 square meters). The facility includes:

  • a small entry-administration area
  • 1 or 2 classrooms with 6-10 computers
  • a multi-purpose room with 2 computers used for private classes, practice lab, instructor prep, and assessment
  • a small business office

The sample classroom above is for eight students. The instructor is positioned at the front of the class on a stool where it is easy to see all of the students and the projected image on the screen.

Youth Business Segment
Building Bright Futures
Schools struggle to provide children with the skills demanded in today's technology driven economy. This is not surprising when you consider the many challenges schools face to implement and sustain a quality technology program.

As students get older, the best schools expect each student to have a strong prerequisite foundation of computer skills to succeed in core academic subjects. Computer knowledge and productivity are critical for success in higher education.

Studies have shown that an untrained user can take up to six times as long to accomplish the same amount of work as a trained user.

Empowering the eGeneration
The Fourth R offers unique training programs that empower children with the computer skills to succeed in and out of the classroom. Fourth R programs teach students how to take advantage of the computer as a tool for homework, communication, research, self-expression and projects. Students benefit from courseware carefully designed for each age level--from early keyboarding and word processing to programming and web design. 

At the Fourth R, we believe that technology is a subject to learn, and more importantly, technology is a powerful tool for learning. Young students get a positive jump start on technology skills while boosting traditional skills. Older students learn how to take advantage of the computer as a powerful tool that improves productivity and performance.

  • Keyboarding
  • Word Processing
  • Internet Communication
  • Research
  • Operating Systems
  • Presentations
  • Information Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Spreadsheets
  • Charts
  • Databases
  • Multimedia Integration
  • Web Design
  • Programming
  • Robotics
  • Emerging Technology

Corporate Business Segment
High Investment Return Computer training is the key to maximizing technology investments—increase productivity, reduce support costs and increase profitability. Effective Approach The best training is based on the needs of the client. Customized solutions provide the highest return for companies. Assessment Assessment of individual skills ensures that each training dollar is spent cost-effectively. Customized Contents Course content can be tailored to meet specific needs and confidentiality requirements of each organization. Popular Courses Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, FrontPage, Windows, etc. Each end-user product has multilevel course blocks of 7-8 hours.

Consumer Adult Segment
Whether a candidate is graduating from high school or college, reentering the workforce, or looking for a better job, they will be jumping into a competitive environment. The Fourth R programs get people noticed by employers.  Our training and certification tracks provide an employer proof that a candidate has the skills and know-how to be a valuable, efficient, and productive employee.   The importance of computer literacy cannot be overstated as technology continues to accelerate and connect global marketplaces.

The first step is for a candidate to meet with a Fourth R representative to determine which training and certification track is a good match. Each student is then enrolled in the appropriate courses to get the training and test-prep they need to pass specific certification exams.

If a candidate wants to succeed in today's competitive business world, they’ve got to prove their skills. Many times a candidate only has one chance to get the job they want; the Fourth R training and certification may be the one thing that provides the edge they need.


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